Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Premium Cat Scratcher by GoPets

 We adopted 2 young male cats over a year ago, and since it was the first time we had two cats at once, we really had no clue how active and destructive they would be. They decided to sharpen their claws on pretty much anything they felt like, corners of carpet being the most popular. We tried different tactics, but these boys are feisty!
  I got them a cat scratcher that was hard and at an incline, and immediately they have shown interest in sharpening their claws on it versus the carpet. Just one scratcher did not do the trick though, we got one or two more since then.
  This Premium Cat Scratcher works a bit differently though. The shape of it, the cat may also be inclined to SLEEP on it, so now it becomes its best friend. This particular cat scratcher has a Bonus slide out scratcher, you can use it in another spot or you can put away for the day they need something new. Once the pull-out scratcher is gone, theres a nice hollowed part thats also scratchable and you can stick their toys inside it for more fun times!

  One of my favorite things about this Premium Cat Scratcher is if after awhile the one side is worn down, you can easily flip it over for some fresh surface to make the kitties happy. It is Made with recycled corrugated cardboard, and is recyclable! Its quite dense, this one has so far lasted the longest in wear and tear than the other ones I have had in the past. It is lightweight, but when the kitties scratch on it, I have not seen it move on the carpet from his forceful scratches.
  Another Bonus, you get a little bag of catnip, this may help you "train" your cat if it looks at you with confusion. You can sprinkle a little on the lounge to spark its interest! The catnip was not what attracted my kitties to the scratcher, they took to it better without anything on it!
   I love coming into the  room where one of the kitties are sharpening their claws on this scratcher. It is great to know that they're more interested in this scratcher than my carpet!

Not my kitty, but a great example
of a curious feline on this scratcher!

If you would like more info, or to purchase, you may click here!

I did receive a discount on this product, all opinions about this scratcher are 100% my own
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

SupaCute Sundae Cups for the perfect size!

SupaCute Desserts was generous enough to provide a set of 25 plastic sundae cups and gelato spoons in exchange for my honest review. These will be an awesome addition to my daughter's upcoming birthday! She has a summer birthday so I like to serve ice cream with the cake.

One of the super cool things about these sundae cups, is that you have portion control. The size I am reviewing today is the 3.04 oz, they have other choices if you would prefer a larger size. Now, a 3.04 oz cup of ice cream is not much, so you can't expect to use them as a sundae cup as much as a little cup for a scoop of ice cream. If you are trying to cut down on your calorie and fat intake but really don't want to cut OUT the ice cream, or other treat, this is a good option.

The Sundae cups are disposable, the plastic is thin but not too thin, so they are also definitely washable and reusable. I would not attempt to stick them in the dishwasher. The spoons you get are "gelato" spoons. They don't have your average spoon shape but more of a flat shape with a squared edge "spoon" that is slightly rounded so you CAN scoop your bite out with ease. I would not recommend the spoons to use with something softer like a pudding so much, but the cups would be perfect for a sweet treat other than ice cream as well! You could definitely put small fruit bites in them, put trail mix in them to give to your kids, even use them as dip cups if you desire.

The cups themselves are a light pastel color, there are pink, green and blue. The "spoons" are a light but more vivid mix of colors, you have pink, green, blue, orange and purple colors. They add a great color scheme to your party if you choose, I plan on serving a tiny bit of ice cream with a bit of cake, kids at birthday parties seem to eat only a little of the cake or ice cream so this will make sure we don't over-do it when serving the cake and ice cream.  Plus my kid dislikes her food touching, so we can keep the ice cream in a cup and serve it next to the little slice of cake, and we have no worries about making soggy messes. The cups are light weight so they will not weigh down a sturdy paper party plate in my opinion. The shape of the cups is almost a flower shaped, rounded but have bumps and are easy to hold, and are aesthetically pleasing, NOT boring round or square cups. 

The only reason I say they wouldn't work at this size for sundae cups, if you are like me, you like a bunch of different things on your sundae including whipped cream, and at the 3.04 oz size, there's no room. Supacute has plenty of other shapes and sizes of sundae and dessert cups which will allow you to work with different treats for different occasions. These cups are perfect for controlling size, or giving a small sample or scoop.

Feel free to check out the other options available in different quantities on their website or on Amazon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shilajit Resin~Sticky Goodness

PĆ¼rblack was gracious enough to provide a jar of Shilajit for me to review with my honest opinion! When you first get this Shilajit Resin, you will open it up, and see what may look like a jar of black tar. The health benefits that are claimed on the listing, "accelerated regeneration of healthy tissue, sleep cutting and normalizing ability, improved moods and emotional stability, better cognition, natural mental and physical performance enhancement, healthy immune and inflammation response, healthy neutralization of addictive substances" sounded to me like they definitely outweigh the nerve-wracking thought of trying Shilajit. So, I opened up the jar, and took a small, pea sized amount. You do not get a little spoon or pick with it to gather the resin. Its THICK and STICKY. I personally like to take it at room temperature because I can take a little play spoon of my kids' toys (dont judge me) and scoop a little, and since its sticky, it works well for me to roll it into a little pill sized ball and swallow it whole. So, then there's the TASTE. It's not pleasant. This is why I swallow it quickly with some water and call it a day. I've also chosen to take that pea sized amount and stir it into HOT water or HOT coffee, you'll want to keep stirring, to ensure the Shilajit is not sticking to your spoon or glass. Everyone has their own way of taking it.

For me, I take that pea-sized amount once a day, in the morning. This ensures I have my much needed energy boost to get me through that slump mid-morning and in the afternoon. I personally, FEEL GREAT when i take it, and there have been days I have skipped taking it, when i already felt good. I do not have chronic illnesses to attest to it aiding in the pain and inflammation response. What i CAN say is that when i get a sinus infection, or something else that is bringing me down, Shilajit seems to help me push through the rough point of that illness, and it helps me ignore the icky feeling I may have.  I definitely do get that energy boost though, long lasting without jitters. Not like an energy supplement boost, more like a clean and healthy feeling body boost, if that makes sense.

With the positive feeling I get from taking Shilajit daily, or as needed really, the tar-smell and taste totally does NOT bother me one bit. I enjoy Shilajit's packaging look too. The jar is nice and heavy, and I know if somehow it fell off my counter, where I store it, it would CERTAINLY not break. To me, this is sticky gold!

You can learn SO MUCH more about Shilajit by going to https://purblack.com/

Monday, April 4, 2016

Detangling Hairbrush by BE

Bella Eleganze provided me this awesome Detangling Hairbrush to review with my honest opinion. My daughter and I are IN LOVE with this brush. In fact, this is the ONLY hairbrush she will use! She has thick hair that has the tendency to knot pretty easily.The plastic bristles have different lengths to them, the outer bristles are longer with the inner bristles shorter.  The brush glides through her hair fairly easily with no tears whatsoever. If I hit a knot I can just gently work through it with no screams or tantrums! Yay! Happy Momma! Now, I have coarse thick hair that knots also, and if I put some type of serum in my hair, I have NO issue getting the brush through my hair. Neither of us have any major loose hairs in the brush after we are done, so we know we are not pulling our hair while detangling! 

One of my personal favorite features of the hairbrush is the handle design. I consider it pretty ergonomic making the brush easy for an adult, or a child to hold. One thing I would suggest to improve, is possibly making the handle a bit textured to make the grip easier. I use products in my hair such as serums or leave in conditioners, so my hands can be "slippery" so this would make the brush easier to hold. Otherwise, I LOVE it, The pink color is just a BIG bonus (to my daughter of course!). To check out our favorite hairbrush, click below! Bella Eleganze Hair Brush

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our fun experience breaking Geodes

I got this cool Geode Science Explorer Kit discounted to review with my honest opinion~so happy I decided to!
We have NEVER broken Geodes before, so this was a fun and educational experience for my daughter and I.  In the kit we got 7 nice sized geodes, all different shapes/sizes. None of them were too small, but more oblong than round "rock" sizes. Those were the smaller but much prettier ones. The round tan looking "rock shaped" geodes were pretty as well. You also get a pair of safety goggles, adjustable to fit the size you need. You get a little plastic magnifying glass, fit for a kid to see a little beauty from the inside of the geodes.  We also got a neat background and 2 stands, where you can showcase safely your favorite "pretties". Instructions are included.

The way we decided to break them, was outside on the sidewalk/driveway. We used an old flathead screwdriver as a "pick" to try to create the seam for the neatest break possible. This worked better for the long thinner ones, which also yeilded the more beautiful crystallized geode. We used a ball pin hammer for safety, even with the goggles this is a project for FULL adult supervision. We just tapped the screwdriver handle lightly with the hammer as we moved in a circle around the geode until we had our "line", and then found our weak spot and tapped harder to break it. A few pieces shattered but not too many since we made a fairly clean line. Looking inside we saw some hollow parts and a bunch of beautiful crystals! The larger circle-rock shaped ones proved to be a bit harder, even with scoring the only sure-fire way we were able to break those, were HIT HARD with the hammer, which can shatter it but can also create a different shaped geode half or section to explore. They are just as pretty!

My daughter is only 5 years old, and she did get a little tired with these after a few, since some broke better than others, but this way we were able to put the rest away to break another day, This Geodes Expolorer Kit is a GREAT educational STEM project--Awesome to keep the boredom away on weekends, or long school breaks!

Check out this kit, and other FUN and EDUCATIONAL Science kits by Dr. Cool Here

Friday, February 12, 2016

Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

Ozeri provided me a 12" Green Earth pan in exchange for my honest review. This non-stick "frying" pan is HEAVY! The structure of the pan is nice and thick and will stand up to mostly any amount of heat! The green pan is eco-friendly, as the ceramic coating does not produce any harmful fumes and the metal is not harmful either. 

One of my favorite things about this pan, is the rippled texture. This ensures a bit of heat goes under the food in the pan to assist in even cooking. This 12" pan is large enough to cook a couple pounds of chicken, or any large amount of food, the sides are high so you could even "deep fry" something thin well in it if you prefer. I really appreciate the non-stick coating, this way I can use very little or no sprays or oils in my cooking to keep my food from being weighed down by grease. You could easily fit 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in this pan (just to give you an idea).

The Green Earth Pan's handle is silicone so you have a non-slip grip EVERY time. This also helps prevent the handle getting hot. I would NOT put this pan in the oven, you would jeopardize the non-stick qualities. This pan is SO easy to clean, just a little soap and water and VOILA! Your pan is clean! No scrubbing (Oh please DO NOT use any scrubbers---your pan may be ruined if you do, also nothing metal in the pan--my rule of thumb). This pan is induction stove safe, so if you have an induction stove, this would be an excellent option for you!

As an added bonus, you get a "pan protector" as I call it, which i am SO grateful for. It is a dense felt-like
material which you open up to be the width of the pan, to lay in the pan when you are storing it (in your cabinet or pan drawer) to protect other pans from jeopardizing the surface (from scratches) of this AWESOME pan!

Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale by Ozeri

I was provided a Glass Bathroom Digital Scale by Ozeri, to review with my honest opinion. First off, this is a low lying scale, so in my bathroom space, this works well. I have a small bathroom and everyone (kids mainly) tripped over the scale in the corner. This tempered glass scale does not even go an inch high off the floor. It becomes a "fixture" in my bathroom. It is heavy and the glass is nice and thick. One neat feature is there are different settings for measuring weight, so if you prefer to measure by Kg or Lbs, you are set! I would recommend ALWAYS use these few tips (with ANY digital scale):

1. Always keep the scale on a solid ground surface, NEVER try to weigh on a carpet, it will certainly be inaccurate

2. With digital scales, you want to find the most accurate reading by weighing a few times in a row. Catch your most common readings and use those. 

3. Keep the area that the scale "lives" in clean, dust free, you will get a more consistent reading

This is a CLEAR glass, but the background is white. The display is large, nice and easy to read. The edges are rounded carefully and there are NO sharp edges! This is a very sleek and stylish addition to any bathroom!

The read is instant, no waiting a few seconds to get a reading! Use daily, or weekly, or as often as you need! It does NOT, however, save previous readings. I also noticed lighter weight things, like a gallon of milk, dont read on their own, It reads better with a human on it!

You will get in your package, a round button cell battery, and a back to complete your setup of your new scale! The box had plenty of styrofoam to protect the scale in shipment.

Click here if you would like to purchase this Digital Glass Bathroom Scale by Ozeri