Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shilajit Resin~Sticky Goodness

Pürblack was gracious enough to provide a jar of Shilajit for me to review with my honest opinion! When you first get this Shilajit Resin, you will open it up, and see what may look like a jar of black tar. The health benefits that are claimed on the listing, "accelerated regeneration of healthy tissue, sleep cutting and normalizing ability, improved moods and emotional stability, better cognition, natural mental and physical performance enhancement, healthy immune and inflammation response, healthy neutralization of addictive substances" sounded to me like they definitely outweigh the nerve-wracking thought of trying Shilajit. So, I opened up the jar, and took a small, pea sized amount. You do not get a little spoon or pick with it to gather the resin. Its THICK and STICKY. I personally like to take it at room temperature because I can take a little play spoon of my kids' toys (dont judge me) and scoop a little, and since its sticky, it works well for me to roll it into a little pill sized ball and swallow it whole. So, then there's the TASTE. It's not pleasant. This is why I swallow it quickly with some water and call it a day. I've also chosen to take that pea sized amount and stir it into HOT water or HOT coffee, you'll want to keep stirring, to ensure the Shilajit is not sticking to your spoon or glass. Everyone has their own way of taking it.

For me, I take that pea-sized amount once a day, in the morning. This ensures I have my much needed energy boost to get me through that slump mid-morning and in the afternoon. I personally, FEEL GREAT when i take it, and there have been days I have skipped taking it, when i already felt good. I do not have chronic illnesses to attest to it aiding in the pain and inflammation response. What i CAN say is that when i get a sinus infection, or something else that is bringing me down, Shilajit seems to help me push through the rough point of that illness, and it helps me ignore the icky feeling I may have.  I definitely do get that energy boost though, long lasting without jitters. Not like an energy supplement boost, more like a clean and healthy feeling body boost, if that makes sense.

With the positive feeling I get from taking Shilajit daily, or as needed really, the tar-smell and taste totally does NOT bother me one bit. I enjoy Shilajit's packaging look too. The jar is nice and heavy, and I know if somehow it fell off my counter, where I store it, it would CERTAINLY not break. To me, this is sticky gold!

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