Monday, April 4, 2016

Detangling Hairbrush by BE

Bella Eleganze provided me this awesome Detangling Hairbrush to review with my honest opinion. My daughter and I are IN LOVE with this brush. In fact, this is the ONLY hairbrush she will use! She has thick hair that has the tendency to knot pretty easily.The plastic bristles have different lengths to them, the outer bristles are longer with the inner bristles shorter.  The brush glides through her hair fairly easily with no tears whatsoever. If I hit a knot I can just gently work through it with no screams or tantrums! Yay! Happy Momma! Now, I have coarse thick hair that knots also, and if I put some type of serum in my hair, I have NO issue getting the brush through my hair. Neither of us have any major loose hairs in the brush after we are done, so we know we are not pulling our hair while detangling! 

One of my personal favorite features of the hairbrush is the handle design. I consider it pretty ergonomic making the brush easy for an adult, or a child to hold. One thing I would suggest to improve, is possibly making the handle a bit textured to make the grip easier. I use products in my hair such as serums or leave in conditioners, so my hands can be "slippery" so this would make the brush easier to hold. Otherwise, I LOVE it, The pink color is just a BIG bonus (to my daughter of course!). To check out our favorite hairbrush, click below! Bella Eleganze Hair Brush

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