Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our fun experience breaking Geodes

I got this cool Geode Science Explorer Kit discounted to review with my honest opinion~so happy I decided to!
We have NEVER broken Geodes before, so this was a fun and educational experience for my daughter and I.  In the kit we got 7 nice sized geodes, all different shapes/sizes. None of them were too small, but more oblong than round "rock" sizes. Those were the smaller but much prettier ones. The round tan looking "rock shaped" geodes were pretty as well. You also get a pair of safety goggles, adjustable to fit the size you need. You get a little plastic magnifying glass, fit for a kid to see a little beauty from the inside of the geodes.  We also got a neat background and 2 stands, where you can showcase safely your favorite "pretties". Instructions are included.

The way we decided to break them, was outside on the sidewalk/driveway. We used an old flathead screwdriver as a "pick" to try to create the seam for the neatest break possible. This worked better for the long thinner ones, which also yeilded the more beautiful crystallized geode. We used a ball pin hammer for safety, even with the goggles this is a project for FULL adult supervision. We just tapped the screwdriver handle lightly with the hammer as we moved in a circle around the geode until we had our "line", and then found our weak spot and tapped harder to break it. A few pieces shattered but not too many since we made a fairly clean line. Looking inside we saw some hollow parts and a bunch of beautiful crystals! The larger circle-rock shaped ones proved to be a bit harder, even with scoring the only sure-fire way we were able to break those, were HIT HARD with the hammer, which can shatter it but can also create a different shaped geode half or section to explore. They are just as pretty!

My daughter is only 5 years old, and she did get a little tired with these after a few, since some broke better than others, but this way we were able to put the rest away to break another day, This Geodes Expolorer Kit is a GREAT educational STEM project--Awesome to keep the boredom away on weekends, or long school breaks!

Check out this kit, and other FUN and EDUCATIONAL Science kits by Dr. Cool Here

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