Friday, February 12, 2016

Green Earth Pan by Ozeri

Ozeri provided me a 12" Green Earth pan in exchange for my honest review. This non-stick "frying" pan is HEAVY! The structure of the pan is nice and thick and will stand up to mostly any amount of heat! The green pan is eco-friendly, as the ceramic coating does not produce any harmful fumes and the metal is not harmful either. 

One of my favorite things about this pan, is the rippled texture. This ensures a bit of heat goes under the food in the pan to assist in even cooking. This 12" pan is large enough to cook a couple pounds of chicken, or any large amount of food, the sides are high so you could even "deep fry" something thin well in it if you prefer. I really appreciate the non-stick coating, this way I can use very little or no sprays or oils in my cooking to keep my food from being weighed down by grease. You could easily fit 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in this pan (just to give you an idea).

The Green Earth Pan's handle is silicone so you have a non-slip grip EVERY time. This also helps prevent the handle getting hot. I would NOT put this pan in the oven, you would jeopardize the non-stick qualities. This pan is SO easy to clean, just a little soap and water and VOILA! Your pan is clean! No scrubbing (Oh please DO NOT use any scrubbers---your pan may be ruined if you do, also nothing metal in the pan--my rule of thumb). This pan is induction stove safe, so if you have an induction stove, this would be an excellent option for you!

As an added bonus, you get a "pan protector" as I call it, which i am SO grateful for. It is a dense felt-like
material which you open up to be the width of the pan, to lay in the pan when you are storing it (in your cabinet or pan drawer) to protect other pans from jeopardizing the surface (from scratches) of this AWESOME pan!

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