Friday, February 12, 2016

Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale by Ozeri

I was provided a Glass Bathroom Digital Scale by Ozeri, to review with my honest opinion. First off, this is a low lying scale, so in my bathroom space, this works well. I have a small bathroom and everyone (kids mainly) tripped over the scale in the corner. This tempered glass scale does not even go an inch high off the floor. It becomes a "fixture" in my bathroom. It is heavy and the glass is nice and thick. One neat feature is there are different settings for measuring weight, so if you prefer to measure by Kg or Lbs, you are set! I would recommend ALWAYS use these few tips (with ANY digital scale):

1. Always keep the scale on a solid ground surface, NEVER try to weigh on a carpet, it will certainly be inaccurate

2. With digital scales, you want to find the most accurate reading by weighing a few times in a row. Catch your most common readings and use those. 

3. Keep the area that the scale "lives" in clean, dust free, you will get a more consistent reading

This is a CLEAR glass, but the background is white. The display is large, nice and easy to read. The edges are rounded carefully and there are NO sharp edges! This is a very sleek and stylish addition to any bathroom!

The read is instant, no waiting a few seconds to get a reading! Use daily, or weekly, or as often as you need! It does NOT, however, save previous readings. I also noticed lighter weight things, like a gallon of milk, dont read on their own, It reads better with a human on it!

You will get in your package, a round button cell battery, and a back to complete your setup of your new scale! The box had plenty of styrofoam to protect the scale in shipment.

Click here if you would like to purchase this Digital Glass Bathroom Scale by Ozeri

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