Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stickers to Play - Make Zoo Animal and Sea Fish Sticker Sheets

I was provided these cute Stickers to Play - Zoo Animal and Sea Fish Sticker Sheets from Play Creative to try out and provide my honest feedback about them. I gave them to my five year old Daughter at Christmas, and they are a HUGE hit. I am grateful she has the patience to only use a couple at a time. There are 2 packs, and 12 sheets in each pack, which gives each animal or sea creature 3 chances to have some cool designs. The Zoo pack has an Elephant, Lion, Monkey, and a Giraffe. The sea creature pack has an Octopus. a Clownfish, a Shark and a Sea Turtle. She has had fun decorating the animals, we have found it is better to add the accessories ON the animal before removing the animal sticker (that is now completed) to stick on the surface. She got a plain wooden art kit at the same time, so she found it fun to add her animal and sea creature creations to it. There are endless possibilities in the choices of the design, they all have multiple choices of mouths, eyes, accessories etc...and you can mix and match with the other sheets as well!

When she has a friend over, they will each pick one and make a creature to have a little fun. This set is awesome on rainy days to keep your kids busy, or would be a neat addition to a party favor pack, really the sky is the limit. The stickers feature an "updated" and "trendy" look and are vibrant.  I was pleasantly surprised with the enjoyment she has gotten out of these, we really have them everywhere now, I plan on purchasing another pack of a different design to add to our collection!

To purchase these cool stickers, click here. (sorry-we had so much fun these are the only COMPLETE sheets we have left!)

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