Sunday, May 29, 2016

SupaCute Sundae Cups for the perfect size!

SupaCute Desserts was generous enough to provide a set of 25 plastic sundae cups and gelato spoons in exchange for my honest review. These will be an awesome addition to my daughter's upcoming birthday! She has a summer birthday so I like to serve ice cream with the cake.

One of the super cool things about these sundae cups, is that you have portion control. The size I am reviewing today is the 3.04 oz, they have other choices if you would prefer a larger size. Now, a 3.04 oz cup of ice cream is not much, so you can't expect to use them as a sundae cup as much as a little cup for a scoop of ice cream. If you are trying to cut down on your calorie and fat intake but really don't want to cut OUT the ice cream, or other treat, this is a good option.

The Sundae cups are disposable, the plastic is thin but not too thin, so they are also definitely washable and reusable. I would not attempt to stick them in the dishwasher. The spoons you get are "gelato" spoons. They don't have your average spoon shape but more of a flat shape with a squared edge "spoon" that is slightly rounded so you CAN scoop your bite out with ease. I would not recommend the spoons to use with something softer like a pudding so much, but the cups would be perfect for a sweet treat other than ice cream as well! You could definitely put small fruit bites in them, put trail mix in them to give to your kids, even use them as dip cups if you desire.

The cups themselves are a light pastel color, there are pink, green and blue. The "spoons" are a light but more vivid mix of colors, you have pink, green, blue, orange and purple colors. They add a great color scheme to your party if you choose, I plan on serving a tiny bit of ice cream with a bit of cake, kids at birthday parties seem to eat only a little of the cake or ice cream so this will make sure we don't over-do it when serving the cake and ice cream.  Plus my kid dislikes her food touching, so we can keep the ice cream in a cup and serve it next to the little slice of cake, and we have no worries about making soggy messes. The cups are light weight so they will not weigh down a sturdy paper party plate in my opinion. The shape of the cups is almost a flower shaped, rounded but have bumps and are easy to hold, and are aesthetically pleasing, NOT boring round or square cups. 

The only reason I say they wouldn't work at this size for sundae cups, if you are like me, you like a bunch of different things on your sundae including whipped cream, and at the 3.04 oz size, there's no room. Supacute has plenty of other shapes and sizes of sundae and dessert cups which will allow you to work with different treats for different occasions. These cups are perfect for controlling size, or giving a small sample or scoop.

Feel free to check out the other options available in different quantities on their website or on Amazon.

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