Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Premium Cat Scratcher by GoPets

 We adopted 2 young male cats over a year ago, and since it was the first time we had two cats at once, we really had no clue how active and destructive they would be. They decided to sharpen their claws on pretty much anything they felt like, corners of carpet being the most popular. We tried different tactics, but these boys are feisty!
  I got them a cat scratcher that was hard and at an incline, and immediately they have shown interest in sharpening their claws on it versus the carpet. Just one scratcher did not do the trick though, we got one or two more since then.
  This Premium Cat Scratcher works a bit differently though. The shape of it, the cat may also be inclined to SLEEP on it, so now it becomes its best friend. This particular cat scratcher has a Bonus slide out scratcher, you can use it in another spot or you can put away for the day they need something new. Once the pull-out scratcher is gone, theres a nice hollowed part thats also scratchable and you can stick their toys inside it for more fun times!

  One of my favorite things about this Premium Cat Scratcher is if after awhile the one side is worn down, you can easily flip it over for some fresh surface to make the kitties happy. It is Made with recycled corrugated cardboard, and is recyclable! Its quite dense, this one has so far lasted the longest in wear and tear than the other ones I have had in the past. It is lightweight, but when the kitties scratch on it, I have not seen it move on the carpet from his forceful scratches.
  Another Bonus, you get a little bag of catnip, this may help you "train" your cat if it looks at you with confusion. You can sprinkle a little on the lounge to spark its interest! The catnip was not what attracted my kitties to the scratcher, they took to it better without anything on it!
   I love coming into the  room where one of the kitties are sharpening their claws on this scratcher. It is great to know that they're more interested in this scratcher than my carpet!

Not my kitty, but a great example
of a curious feline on this scratcher!

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