Thursday, January 21, 2016

Breathable Dog Harness

I was provided this Dog Harness from LTTrade at a discount for my honest review. I would love to point out that this particular harness, has a breathable mesh and nylon material. This is nice for your pup in the summer when you may be taking long walks, so he/she doesn't get too hot!  The stitching from the harness to the strap on either side is VERY well done, I do not see this becoming a wear and tear type issue.  On the top where it would sit behind your pup's head, is a thick metal loop, where you can hook the dog's leash easily. The opening for the head, is plenty big for most SMALL breeds, but I will say that the medium size may not fit most typical "medium sized" dogs. The measurements this should fit Size: Neck 13" and Chest 14-21" . If your questioning that a Medium may fit your dog, or a large, better safe and go with the larger size. This particular harness runs pretty small in my opinion. Other than that, this is a nice simple way to safely contain your dog and keep it comfortable!

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  1. Love the fact that your dog will never overheat with this one on!