Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hair Towel For Thick and Long Hair!

I was provided a Hair Towel by BoostNBlend for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review. This hair towel has me super excited because, well, my eldest daughter and I have TONS OF HAIR! This specific hair towel is made for "larger heads" but really is meant for thick and long hair! The soft quality of the towel is very absorbent, perfect for when you hop out of the shower and want to keep your hair wrapped up until you are ready to add your favorite product to it and style it as you would usually do! This particular hair towel fits well, when I "flip" my hair down and slip the head part over the back of my head, allowing the long pointy part down towards the ends of my har, I can wrap the towel around my hair then twist it up back to the top of my head, securing with a button and a loop to keep it there until I am ready. The towel soaks well and is not too thin, not too thick. The BoostNBlend hair towel for larger heads is a great improvement from the "other" hair towels on the market. 

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