Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Durable and Sturdy Canvas Backpack, Simple and Style

I was provided this nice Khaki color backpack for an honest review from Duhrman. My teenage daughter has many backpacks but I thought she would like a different one, what kid doesn't like changing things up? She has become a very simple girl in her early teenage years, and when I offered it to her, just by the LOOK of the backpack she immediately said YES! As a middle school aged girl she is thrilled with the many pockets this Canvas Backpack has to offer. Once she unzipped the first and largest section, she immediately noticed the inside compartment with a strapped section available to safely tote a laptop. Even with a laptop or chromebook, or even a tablet in there, there will be plenty of room for notebooks! The second zippered main section helps her also organize notebooks or folders, so sha can classify a section per subject (this pocket is just as deep as the first!). The front zippered sections, although a bit smaller but still DEEP, are excellent for notepads, pencil pouches, smaller class materials. She also enjoys the two side Magnetic pockets to store her IPod and earbuds, or a small snack to get her through the day.
One of two front pockets
Second pocket--just as deep
Large Pocket with inside pockets

As a mom, some of the main features that I personally appreciate are the straps. They are shaped well so the strain of a typical middle or high schoolers heavy backpack will not be put on the wrong parts of the shoulders or back. As long as you tighten the straps, your child (or yourself) will be WELL supported. Why? The straps are also CUSHIONED! I also appreciate the thick canvas material, making this backpack a sturdy part of your childs daily school routine, I dont see it falling apart easily. The stitching on the seams, straps and the zippers, are well constructed and should not cause any issues!

I am so happy that we are able to enjoy a new backpack that will support my girl's back and her style too! This particular backpack would suit a camper well, as well as a business person carrying work materials and even a college student!

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