Friday, January 15, 2016

Compact Picnic, Beach, Outdoor Blanket

 Praktikal Life  was generous to give me this Compact travel outdoor blanket in exchange for my honest review. It really is not a blanket to stay warm with, it is an awesome sized blanket to lay down on the ground to keep your clothes clean and dry while enjoying the beach, picnics, fireworks, camping, pretty much anything you may want to sit on the ground for, this will be perfect for. The texture may remind you of a tarp, but it is much more flexible and with a breathable WATERPROOF material (which may remind you of a windbreaker jacket material-but thicker). My kids and I enjoy doing outdoor activities when the weather allows us, we don't have to worry about dragging out a blanket from a bed anymore! 
One of my favorite details of this outdoor blanket is the little carrying bag it stores AWESOME in. The blanket stores in a small sized drawstring bag with a carabiner clip you can attach to your backpack or picnic tote. When you first unfold the blanket, you may think "How in the world is this going to fit back in that small bag?" Even if you don't fold it the exact way it first came, as long as its folded small it will fit RIGHT in!

This being said, for such a large (66'' x 55') sized outdoor blanket and for the small size it carries in, this will be a great addition to your camping gear, or just to throw in the car for a quick grab in case there is a need for a dry clean sitting area!

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