Thursday, January 14, 2016

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Geega

I absolutely LOVE my Portable Bluetooth speaker I was provided by Geega to test out. The deep bass sound surprises me, it truly is hard to believe that such a rich sound comes from a small speaker. The bluetooth connection is super simple. You need to just pair with your phone or device~works well with any bluetooth enabled Apple or Android product. The buttons are quite easy to figure out as well, you have the ability to skip through songs, change the volume, play, pause, and answer calls all by the speaker buttons! There is a simple on/off switch on the back, along with your micro-usb cable port and an aux port as well (to hook it up to a phone or device without using bluetooth). Cables are included in the box as well. I personally find that the sound, when cranked all the way up, is quite loud and would be EXCELLENT to use outside! I definitely am enjoying the ease of use and the sound quality from my new Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker by Geega!

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